custom perforating rule

You can make any pitch gperforation ruleh and gcombination cut & crease ruleh from your coil rule. You only input the gtotal lengthh, gcut pitchh and gvalley pitchh. Computer calculates each pitch and both end length and making automatically. You can select both end converting cut or crease. You also input the bridge at the bottom. You need not order, wait and stock the gperforation ruleh. You can make it by yourself.

CNC motor controls the rule feeding and back accurately. External encoder (closed loop circuit) controls motor always until input length. This can make correct length even from groller slippingh, greel rewind inertiah and gpress shockh

If you hope special custom pitch, we can make it. But our die can make glong pitchh by gsmall pitchh to strike plural times. For example, g5mm pitch dieh can makes g5mm*5mmh, g8mm*8mmh and g10mm*10mmh. Computer calculates pitch and striking times automatically.