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New auto bender model from LCC.

TOSHI BENDER 62 can process the rule from 1.5pt to 2 inch high. When you exchange the rule, it takes only 3 minutes with changing shaft and tool. ...more info
You can put the small nick on the top of the rule where you hope. Diamond disk can makes 5/1000 wide nick for clear package and 7/1000 wide nick for folding carton and E flute. ...more info
TOSHI BENDER 62 program can use DXF/DDES file that you used for laser cut. You can master TOSHI BENDER program at one day. All programs such as bending instruction, operator correction, and rule data are one screen display to easy understanding. Machine is separated each unit to keep easy maintenance. ...more info
You can bend over 90 degrees at 2pt rule. TOSHI BENDER 62 has 2 nipper units of miter and straight cut.